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Kaplan Mfg. is the original
source for Steel Rule Dies in
The company began in 1973 and has grown from supplying local customers with the finest tooling, to supplying various industries throughout the U.S.
Steel Rule Cutting Dies (0.5" - 3.00" high)
Kiss Cut Dies
Creasing Dies
Female & Male Stripping Boards
Counter Plates
Sealing Dies
Stacked Dies (Enabling cutting of high profile thermoform parts, skin packaging parts, blister packs)
Tooling Fixtures
Custom Matrix and many other things

Cutting, Creasing and Sealing Die Professionals!

Kaplan Manufacturing
Precision Steel Rule Dies & Mfg
Kaplan Steel Rule Die Mfg strives to deliver the best in high quality, high-value, competitively-priced products and services.
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